How it works

1. This is Carlo. Carlo plays football with his friends in a football club and wants to configure a new jersey. He is searching the internet and comes across – a project by sportika.

2. Carlo does not know how to start. On the home page there are three main options available – “CONFIGURATOR”, “DESIGN YOUR OWN” and “DESIGNED BY SPORTIKA” via the contact form. Carlo decides to use the online configurator and clicks on “CONFIGURATOR” to test it..

3. - 4. In the navigation bar he finds the link „HOW IT WORK'S“. Carlo gets all necessary information in a detailed step by step guideline to configure his own jersey. He is reading through it and knows everything he needs to know about the configurator, order, payment, production up to the delivery process.

5. Now Carlo is well informed and is ready to start. On the home page he clicks on the button “CONFIGURATOR”.

6. Carlo is having a great time configuring his own DigitalTrikot® jersey. What will his friends say? He adds number and player name as well as the club name to the back of the jersey and uploads the sponsor and the club emblem to finish up the process.

7. Ok, the DigitalTrikot jersey looks great. How does Carlo proceed now?


8. Carlo remembers the tutorial he read before he started and he clicks on the “DESIGNCHECK” button.

9. He is filling in the form, puts in his address, club name, email adress and phonenumber. He accepts the legal and data security terms.

10. Carlo sends the filled form together with the configured jersey to Sportika.

11. Sportika checks the submitted data together with the DigitalTrikot® jersey. It is important that sizes and quality of the uploaded data as well as the selection of colors meet the requirements to actual send this into production. Sportika is contacting Carlo and gives him feedback. Now the next steps are discussed. Carlo picks socks and shorts that best fit to the jersey.

12. Now Carlo is waiting for the quote as well as a set of sample jerseys to double check sizes. Sportika always sends out these samples since sizes of vendors always differ. Carlo did not pay anything up to this point.

13.    Carlo takes the sample jersey and the offer to his friends at the next training. Every one of his friends tries the sample jersey and ensures it fits.

14.    Together the team decides to order the DigitalTrikot® jerseys. Carlo writes down all player names, numbers and sizes and submits this data on a form he received from Sportika. Carlo discusses payment information and now everything is set.

15.    Sportka accepts the contract and prepares everything for production of the DigitalTrikot jerseys. The parts of the jersey are printed with a special technique and sewed together in best quality.

16.    After 4 weeks the DigitalTrikot® jerseys are ready and get shipped to Carlo.

17.    Carlo and his friends are very excited and happy with their new DigitalTrikot® jerseys. Of course they win the next game.