For Experts

1. you have mastered a graphics program such as CorelDraw, Adobe Illustrator or Adobe Photoshop? Then you can use it to let your creativity run wild and create your own jersey.


Download raw file and start

Use colors that are not available in our standard color palette and give your jersey thus an even more individual look.


4. If you can control your graphics program well, you can place your own sponsors logo and club logo.

However, you have to acknowledege the DFB-Guidelines .There are some guidelines concerning the sizes and positions for text and logos.

Please ensure that the logo is in high quality A JPG or even a GIF file too small is not suited for such a high-quality print. Best suited for this purpose are vector graphic files.

2. The mix of unusual colors, as well as the coloring of individual areas is possible, as shown here in the example.


Hose of jerseys can be colored independently of the jersey-base paint.


Make sure that the colors harmonize well in order to get a good result.






5. You can also use fonts that are not available in ourconfigurator.

As shown in the example, you can create your specially desired shirt numbers, but make sure to follow the DFB game clothing guidelines.

When choosing your font make sure whether the use of it is free of charge ,otherwise legal problems could occur.

3.  You can also create your own patterns and place them on your jersey, if your favorite pattern is not available in our configurator.


In our example we have chosen only two colors. You can use more of Course. Consider the color combination, if you want to order a matching color pants or stub.






6. Lastly, there is the club name and player names, which can be individually designed by you. Again consider the DFB guidelines.


Should you upon completion of your self-designed jersey not be sure, if  the guidelines are met by your jersey, we can calm you down. Each jersey design is checked by us before the production for a one-time fee of € 29.90 and ,if necessary, discussed with you and corrected. You will only need to send your shirt so that we can make you an offer .